The SAT-ACT Prep Boot Camp is an intensive, and rigorous course of training preparation for the SAT and ACT taught by Jeff G. White, a Rice University, Texas Southern University and Wharton Graduate School of Business Alumnus. Jeff has been tutoring Houston area students for the tests for several years outside of his professional endeavors. Jeff understands the impact the test can have on a young person’s future. See here for a detailed overview SAT-ACT Prep Boot Camp

Jeff offers Class Room Tutoring, Small Group Tutoring and 1-on-1 Tutoring. Although he drills into his students that there are no short cuts to preparing for the SAT and ACT, he does provide strategies for solving all math problems on the exams and time-saving techniques to master the evidence-based reading and writing sections.  Additionally, he pushes students to be mentally and physically prepared for the three-hour plus exam.

During the SAT-ACT Boot Camp, students will have ongoing homework, tutorial sessions and practice exams to help them be best prepared for the SAT and ACT. Students have access to Jeff at anytime when they are doing their SAT and ACT homework.

Contact Jeff at JeffGWhite@SAT-ACTPrepBootCamp.com to register for a Class, Small Group or 1-on-1 Tutoring in preparation for one of the SAT or ACT tests.