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  • Remote Work Is Reshaping San Francisco, as Tech Workers Flee and Rents Fall

    Remote Work Is Reshaping San Francisco, as Tech Workers Flee and Rents Fall

    August 14, 2020

    By giving their employees the freedom to work from anywhere, Bay Area tech companies appear to have touched off an exodus. ‘Why do we even want to be here?’

  • How to Value a Start-up

    How to Value a Start-up

    February 19, 2019

    In theory, start-up valuation is similar to the valuation of any company. First, estimate the amount of money the company will make for its shareholders (typically through an acquisition or IPO). Second, approximate your future ownership and position in the company’s capital structure when that liquidation event happens. Third, calculate required return with respect to your personal objectives and constraints. Fourth, discount the company’s expected future value by step three. Fifth, compare the opportunity to your alternatives.

  • Understanding Private Equity

    Understanding Private Equity

    February 14, 2019

    Artivest serves some of the largest and most respected private equity firms in the world as a technology-enabled alternative investment platform. Our firm also manages proprietary private equity funds as an alternative asset manager. In this private equity primer, we provide a comprehensive overview of private equity investing, which continues its ascent to the top of the alternative investment industry. This whitepaper is provided in Q&A format and raises questions that a fiduciary or trustee might typically ask when considering an investment allocation to this asset class.